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Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition consulting   

       Alright, let’s get real! There is a lot of advice out there, and things can get confusing and complicated fast. To make matters worse, we live in an environment that bombards us with sound bites of information regarding nutrition and diet. Low fat this, Paleolithic diet that, glycemic index something-or-another, and tons more. This is a major problem. Here is the reason why, this advice is general, and your body and circumstances are specific. Which means that you need a nutrition plan customized for YOU, and no one else. This is why we are here to guide, support and educate you on your nutrition journey.

     We are all faced with challenges, and unfortunately for most, those challenges are around nutrition. Nutrition challenges are presented all the time, and it’s so easy to give into food cravings, convenience, and the over abundance of processed food. If these problems weren’t enough, most individuals are also struggling with low energy and an overload of stress. This can make it difficult to initiate and sustain real change, which makes achieving genuine health very difficult.

If you find yourself asking these questions, we can probably help!

  • What diet is right for me? Or, should I even be on a diet?
  • How am I supposed to know what’s right for me with all the advice out there?
  • Should I be cutting calories and depriving myself?
  • How do I stop these unexplained negative symptoms?
  • How can I reclaim my energy levels?
  • Is this fatigue and lethargy holding me back from my greatest life?
  • If I keep eating this way will I get diabetes or heart disease?
  • How can I take control of my nutrition and health?

These are all valid questions and concerns, which indicates that you really care about your health and nutrition. We also encourage you to consider these questions for making changes in your nutrition and food choices.

Here are the questions that you could be asking yourself:

  • What nutrition program do I see myself following long term?
  • How can I make beneficial food choices that are specific and right for my body? Not someone else’s.
  • How can I integrate a diet that focuses on looking good and optimal health?
  • What nutritious foods appeal to me?
  • Are my food choices supporting my deepest values?   

     We recognize that discovering a program that works for you is crucial, and that is why our nutrition consulting is centered on customizing a personalized program that is goal and result driven. We have a strong emphasis on clean quality nutrition, and utilizing food to obtain all of our nutrients and physiological needs. We also recognize the importance of the metabolism and thyroid function for restoring and optimizing the body at the cell level. Nutrition is a powerful tool within health, and we want to help you use it to the fullest!

If you are ready to get started and want a system that is customized for your body and your metabolism, our 30-day protocol is the perfect program.

CONSIDERATION: We strive to work with individuals that are ready to take responsibility for their health. Those looking for a quick fix, short-term diet, or instant body change solutions are in the wrong place. We are committed to helping those who authentically want to change their health for the better. This means helping people overcome their deepest health challenges, and live more inspiring lives.


* TOBIAS ALSO OFFERS SERVICES IN PERSON: Office location - 1520 Parkmoor Avenue, San Jose CA


Tobias McGowan


  • Nutrition for Thyroid Health 
  • Restoring Metabolic Function
  • Stress Reduction through Nutrition 

Tobias's BIO

Robert Hedmond


  • Holistic Nutrition  
  • Food Shopping & Meal Preparation 
  • Weight Management 

Robert's BIO

Somya Sahay


  • Weight Management 
  • Nutrition for Sports Performance 
  • Restoring Metabolic Function 

Som's BIO