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Lecturing & Presenting

       Team Fresh Holistics offers lectures and presentations on various health topics. Each one of our team members is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals to optimal health. Below is a list of lectures we have presented, and are currently offering to businesses and health/fitness facilities:



Fat & Cholesterol Myth Busting

This lecture covers the reality of fat in the diet. Looking at everything from cholesterol, to saturated fat, to heart disease.

  • Does eating fat make you fat?
  • Saturated fat & cholesterol myth busting
  • The 3 different types of fat
  • Fat & heart disease
  • Blood clots, not fat clots
  • Lipoprotein madness


Healthy Hormones

Understanding hormones and their impact on your body.

  • Healthy hormone balancing
  • Sex hormones & stress hormones
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Is stress making your pants tight?
  • Stress management


Nutrition For Mental Performance

Using nutrition principles to enhance the mind and brain. Education around how the mind and body function together.

  • Nutrition and the brain
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Optimizing neurochemistry
  • 5 nutrients that can enhance mental clarity
  • Accelerate productivity


Mastering Your Metabolism

Maximizing the pathways involved with the thyroid to take energy and your metabolism to the next level. 

  • Enhancing energy
  • Revving up the metabolism
  • Why the thyroid cascade can help you?
  • Turning on all functions of the body


Caffeine Craze

Learn how to utilize caffeine and all its benefits, while avoiding all the downfalls.  

  • Take full advantage of the benefits of caffeine
  • Use caffeine to boost your metabolism and shed unwanted body fat
  • Gain new insights around coffee, tea, and chocolate
  • Enjoy your caffeine guilt free





Ergonomics 101

Understand the essentials of proper body structure and posture in various lifestyle and office situations.

  •  Posture in the office & your car
  • Sitting & your spine
  • Stand-up desks, stability balls & more
  • Where to start and what to strive for
  • Addressing pain


Resolving Chronic Back Pain

Education on chronic low back pain, and how exercise, nutrition and lifestyle can help reduce/eliminate pain and restore function.

  • Anatomy and functions of the spine
  • The most common spinal issues
  • Is it the spine or the pelvis?
  • How to address inflammation
  • Nutrition & lifestyle factors to consider
  • The 3 major reason for back pain 
  • The core, your spine's best friend
  • 3 exercises for function and immediate relief


Scientific Stretching

This lecture covers the application of stretching for improving structural balance, resolving pain, and optimizing athletic performance.


  • Prevent pain and common injuries  
  • Identify & fix muscle imbalances
  • Learn what type of stretching is best for you
  • Take full advantage of the benefits of stretching
  • Learn 3 Major stretches that will change everything