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Microwaves & Food Irradiation

Robert Hedmond


     Microwaving your foods and eating microwaved and/or irradiated foods is one of our top things to avoid if you're trying to be healthy. The use of microwave ovens and the process of food irradiation is a highly controversial topic, as are most issues on nutrition. Both processes damage foods, decrease nutrient content, over stimulate the immune system, and create radiolytic compounds and carcinogens (cancer causing agents).


  • Microwaves heat foods from the inside out by use of alternating current driven by microwave radiation which reverses the polarity of atoms, molecules and cells of the foods or water being heated 1-100 billions times per second.
  • Microwaves damage the cell wall of foods, making it less likely for the gut receptors to recognize, resulting in an immune response. The body may view these altered particles (antigens) as foreign invaders and our immune system (antibodies) will attack them. Common symptoms may show up as anything ranging from joint pain to autoimmune disorders.
  • Microwaves decrease the nutrient content in foods. Structural degradation lead to a decreased food value of 60-90% overall for all foods tested.
  • Decreases IGA antibodies by 96% in breast milk. Thats why hospitals are banning the use of microwaves to heat baby foods or formulas. If microwaving foods are so damaging for small humans, why would it be much different for us?
  • Swiss food scientist Dr. Hans Hertel found that microwaved food increased cholesterol levels, decreased both red and white blood cell counts, decreased hemoglobin, and produced carcinogenic and radiolytic compounds
  • Russian investigators found that carcinogens were formed from the microwaving of nearly all foods tested.
  • Radiolytic compounds are by products of radiation and are carcinogenic.
  • Microwaves leached carcinogenic chemicals in all packages tested into your food such as BPA, which is a potent carcinogen, increases estrogen (xenoestrogen) and decreases testosterone, PET (a petroleum derived product), and Heat susceptors (used in popcorn, pizza, etc for browning).
  • In 1991, a nurse microwaved blood before a transfusion and it chemically altered the blood so much that the lady who received it died .
  • Standing one foot away from a microwave while in use can expose you to upwards of 400 milliGauss (4 mG has been linked to leukemia).

Food Irradiation



Did you know that most foods are already zapped (irradiated) before they hit the shelves? You may be unknowingly eating foods hit with high doses of radiation everyday! The process of food irradiation is the use of radiation such as gamma radiation, caesium-137, or the linear accelerator e-beam technology to “sanitize” foods. But what else happens when we irradiate our foods?

  • Irradiation destroys vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Up to 80% of the vitamins could be lost in the process. (Vit A, B complex, C, D, E, etc.).
  • Mutagenic and carcinogenic radiolytic compounds have been identified in studies on irradiated foods. Radiolytic compounds, pesticides, and free radicals could also form during the process to create URP’s, some of which are known toxins (formaldehyde) and some are unknown.
  • Examples of common foods that are irradiated: Wheat, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Herbs & Spices, supplements and many more.
  • We still have problems with ecoli and other food-borne illnesses despite the use of irradiation. Sometimes only the worst bacteria survive the process while all the good bacteria is destroyed, leaving no competition for the unfriendly ones.
  • Organic foods cannot be irradiated.
  • Check out Dr. Mercola’s top 10 reasons for opposing food irradiation.

The convenience of microwaves and eating irradiated foods are at the cost of your health. You or those you know are eating dead foods and chronically being exposed carcinogens.

  • Food preparation is essential to avoid the convenience of microwave ovens.
  • Take the time to heat foods safely in the oven or on the stove.
  • Have foods already made that are enjoyable cold (chicken, shrimp, quinoa, raw veggies & fruits, etc).
  • Trash your microwave oven to eliminate temptation!

Keep it Fresh!

- Robert H.


How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy & You Are What You Eat by Paul Chek

The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker 

Articles by Lita Lee P.h.D, Ray Peat P.h.D, & Dr. Mercola