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blood Sugar Problems & The metabolism: Is it the thyroid?

The foundation for optimizing and controlling our blood sugar is not always as simple as it seems. Most individuals are simply addressing the symptoms of blood sugar fluctuations, assuming that cutting carbohydrates or choosing low glycemic foods will solve everything. However, if you have metabolic issues, you may be merely treating the symptoms and not getting to the root cause.

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Water: A Refreshing Shool of thought

Water is a highly undervalued nutrient. In a world of powerful pharmaceutical drugs, workout-enhancing supplements, miracle herbs, and super foods, water gets the cold shoulder.

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Blood Sugar Basics 

If we are truly looking to maximize our health and metabolic function we need to master the crucial concept of balancing our blood sugar. In order to do that, we must understand how our organs, glands and hormones tightly regulate this process.

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